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Vogueshaire is founded under the notion that Weddings are no more an occasion for a family or a couple. its a matter of grand celebration with inclusions of Pre-wedding, couple and family interviews, usage of high end cameras and equipment, Ceremonies that are full of Cinematographic coverage. The biggest advantage of hiring Vogueshaire is, our entire team comprises of Photographers and Cinematographers who are hired from Top Photographic institutions of NCR, like DCOP, IIP, APEX, CRAFT Films, etc. while our team understand the technology behind filming a theme coz they have studied it, they also bring lot of innovation in their coverage

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Key to Cinematography –
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A Cinematic Wedding & Prewedding Video is a storytelling film about your Wedding. Whether it is through images or the mix of speeches, images, and music, the video or the cinematic wedding film, is shot very differently where we capture short clips about your event. Why the short clips you ask? It’s because they are shot to tell a story, not just documenting every single minute of your wedding day.

Our offering is created from the ground up based on our conversations with you and your requirements thus creating a wedding film service which is bespoke, unique and personable.

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Want to see more ? Our portfolio.

Vogueshaire Offers

From Wedding to Pre-weddings, Kids to Corporate; the range keeps on expanding like our expertise and brilliance in our work.

[diopter_service ser_title=”Wedding Photography” ser_subtitle=””]Wedding is a special milestone in couple’s life and in the life of those around them. Why not make it even more exciting by getting best wedding photographers in town to capture these magical moments. Indian weddings are epics of their own accord, with so many stories and cherish-able memories in the making. We’ll ensure that through our candid wedding photography & Cinematography; most of those emotions are preserved for a life-time.


[diopter_service ser_icon=”fa fa-tree” ser_title=”Portfolio for Pre- School Kids” ser_subtitle=””]Childhood is the perfect phase of life. Every parent wants to capture those moments, but in this cruel world when both are working to make ends meet. They don’t have extra time for clicking pictures or forging a portfolio for them. That’s why we are here for. We will ease up your job, from the most important event to the local function. we will maintain your child’s portfolio like a professional individual from the side of the Pre-school.[/diopter_service]
[diopter_service ser_icon=”fa fa-meh-o” ser_title=”Pre-Wedding” ser_subtitle=””]What a great time to be alive! Now you can capture incredible and stunning moments before the biggest day of your life. In this couples get to know each other more. Pre- Wedding sessions are mostly at renowned places and also depending upon the clients budget.


[diopter_service ser_icon=”fa fa-language” ser_title=”Event Photography” ser_subtitle=””]High scale events cannot be termed successful without a high scale photography or cinematography. In our now visual world, society does not take the time to accept marketing without photos. Whether it be scrolling through Facebook pages or opening a magazine, if you do not include photos or your photos are not eye catching—the impact is lost![/diopter_service]

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